Commercial Megapixel CCTV Systems

Commercial Megapixel CCTV Systems technology enables network cameras to provide higher resolution of video images than standard high-res CCTV. They also have the ability to see more detail and have a wider coverage. With an IP-Megapixel network camera, the resolution can be as much as 30 times better than standard high resolution CCTV. A one megapixel network camera can cover more than 4 times the area of a CCTV camera with the same resolution. This means that you can replace four standard high res CCTV cameras with one single mega pixel camera.

Another advantage is that if all cameras are configured the same, with the same compression, and are looking at the same scene at the same time you will find that a megapixel network camera actually uses less bandwidth and storage. Combining IP-Megapixel network cameras with a selection of non megapixel network cameras that are optimised for other needs such as a lower cost, powerful zoom, light sensitivity etc, creates video CCTV surveillance systems that are effective, totally reliable and super cost efficient.

The variation of requirements within CCTV surveillance is enormous. However, it can be drilled down to a choice between two things. General Overview or High Detail. With general overview the main aim is to obtain a “general” look at a scene, sufficient resolution and coverage of a scene can be achieved with a single IP-Megapixel network camera or a number of non megapixel cameras.

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